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The Best Automatic Cat Feeder with Wifi Control APP In UAE | Buy Automatic Pet Feeder

Check out the latest Dugyluv Automatic Cat Feeder with Wifi Control APP, this will help you to automate your pet feeding. You can easily automate your pet feeding and make your time better and help the pet to get timely feed without any worry.

If you are a professional , this automatic feeder will help you very much, check out the features

Dugyluv Automatic Cat Feeder with Wifi Control APP, 6L Pet Feeder For Dogs and Cats Having Timer and Wifi, Pet Feeder With Feeding Tray

Dugyluv Automatic Cat Feeder with Wifi – a reliable and efficient solution for pet owners seeking convenience and control over their pet's feeding schedule. With a substantial 6L capacity, this pet feeder ensures your dogs and cats are well-fed, even in your absence.

Features of Automatic Feeder

  • APP REMOTE CONTROL FEEDING : Feeding : Control the feeder remotely with your mobile phone to feed your pets whenever and wherever you like
  • 6 L CAPACITY :This pet feeder's large capacity allows it to keep a significant amount of food, which minimizes the need for frequent refilling. This is especially helpful for people who have busy scheVOICE RECORDING : To develop good feeding habits for your pets, the Automatic feeder supports pre-recording a maximum of 10 seconds of audio, which is played during feeding. dules
  • DUAL POWER SUPPLY : The automatic pet feeder has two separate power supply systems. Batteries ensure that there is no need to worry about your pets being hungry or experiencing an unexpected, unexpected power outage. A DC power adapter ensures the feeder operates steadily every day.
  • EASY TO CLEAN :The automatic cat food dispenser is easy to clean because it has a removable food tank and feeding tray. Both are dishwasher safe, which helps keep your cat's feeding area clean and healthy
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