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Coursera Excel Specialization | Learn Excel From Scratch to Expert

Coursera Excel Specialization | Learn Excel From Scratch to Expert

In this article we are going to look the Coursera Excel Specialization Course.This course will help you to Learn Excel From Scratch to Expert. Starting from zero knowledge of Excel, you'll learn basic spreadsheet skills and apply them in to several exciting projects in the capstone "Projects" course.

Let check the details about the course, in this course you will learn In this specialization, you'll learn a variety of Excel tools, techniques, and functions, which you'll apply to real-world, "open-ended" projects.

Details of Coursera Excel Specialization

About this Specialization:-This Specialization is for learners wishing to learn Microsoft Excel from beginner level to expert level. The first two courses will teach learners the basics of Excel through the use of dozens of educational screencasts and a series of quizzes and in-application assignments. Finally, in Part 3 (Projects), learners will complete several "real world", somewhat open ended yet guided projects. In the Projects course, special emphasis is placed on dynamic array functions, which are new in Office 365 and have revolutionized the way that worksheet calculations are performed.

Skill you will Gain

  • Spreadsheet
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Problem Solving
  • computing
  • Real-world projects
  • Reactions

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