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Course Details of Computer Science in Brown University

computer science brown university

Computer Science Brown University

Computer Science Brown University-The Brown University is a leading research university home to world-renowned faculty, and also an innovative educational institution where the curiosity, creativity and intellectual joy of students drives academic excellence.[more]

In this post , you will get full details of courses in Computer Science Brown University. The offical site of Computer Science Brown University is From below you can get the details of Computer Science Courses in Brown University.

Computer Science Courses Offered By Brown University

Check the undergraduate TA program of Computer Science Brown University. This CS UG program is a great way to for students to get to know their instructors, improve their subject knowledge.

CSCI0020 (CS002) The Digital World

Course Description

Removes the mystery surrounding computers and the ever-growing digital world. Introduces a range of topics and many aspects of multimedia, along with explanations of the underlying digital technology and its relevance to our society. Other topics include artificial intelligence, IT security, ethics and the economics of computing as well as the effects of its pervasiveness in today's world. Introductory programming and analytic skills are developed through Excel, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Python assignments. CSCI0020 is a good introduction to a wide range of CS topics that have broad relevance in our society. No prerequisites. Cannot be taken to fulfill CS Concentration.[More]

CSCI0081 TA Apprenticeship: Full Credit

Course Description

Being an undergraduate TA is a learning experience: one not only gets a deeper understanding of the course material, but gains management and social skills that are invaluable for one's future. Students taking this course must first be selected as an undergraduate TA for a Computer Science course, a course the student has taken and done well in. Students will work with the course's instructor on a variety of course-related topics, including preparation of material and development of assignments.[More]

CSCI0150 (CS015) Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming and Computer Science

Course Description

Introduces programming in Java (a modern, widely-used programming language), interactive 2D computer graphics, and some fundamental data structures and algorithms. Students learn by programming a sequence of interactive graphics programs which gradually increase in complexity, including Doodle Jump, Tetris, and a significant final project. Lectures are supplemented by skits performed by the UTAs (Undergraduate Teaching Assistants) to teach course concepts and for a bit of added entertainment! This course is intended for both potential concentrators and those who may take only a single course. There are NO prerequisites, and no prior knowledge of programming is required, though students who do have prior programming experience are also encouraged to take the course.[More]

CSCI0300 (CSCI1310) Fundamentals of Computer Systems

Course Description

Covers fundamental concepts, principles, and abstractions that underlie the design and engineering of computer systems. Students will learn how a computer works, how to write safe and performant systems software, and what systems abstractions support today’s complex, high-performance systems developed in industry. Specific topics include machine organization, systems programming and performance, key concepts of operating systems, isolation, security, virtualization, concurrent programming, and the basics of distributed systems. Combined lectures, labs, and several hands-on projects involving programming exercises in C/C++.[More]

CSCI0320 (CS032) Introduction to Software Engineering

Course Description

Techniques for designing, building, and maintaining large,scalable, and reusable systems. We will cover advanced programming techniques using Java and Javascript. Course assignments will familiarize students with software testing, relational databases, concurrency techniques such as threads, and software engineering tools like git, profilers, and debuggers. A major component of the course will be a group software project of your own design. Prerequisite: CSCI0160, CSCI0180 or CSCI 0190; CSCI0220 is recommended.[More]

CSCI0330 Introduction to Computer Systems

Course Description

High-level computer architecture and systems programming. The course covers the organization of computer systems (in terms of storage units, caches, processors, and I/O controllers) and teaches students assembly-language programming and C-language programming. Extensive programming exercises introduce students to systems-level programming on Linux systems, as well as to multi-threaded programming with POSIX threads. Students will be introduced to the functions of operating systems.[More]

CSCI1800 (CSCI1950-P) Cybersecurity and International Relations

Course Description

In this course you will get an introduction to the technologies of the Internet, computers, and databases that is sufficient to understand the policy issues that arise in cyberspace. The policy issues explored concern security and stability of the Internet, protection of privacy via proxies, anonymizers and encryption, cyber conflict and deterrence, and measures designed to encourage the peaceful use of cyberspace.[More]


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