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How to Uninstall Wordpress In CPanel | Uninstall Wordpress from CPanel Video guide

How Uninstalling Wordpress from CPanel

In this article , we will show you "How to uninstall wordpress from cpanel". Uninstalling wordpress from cpanel will takes only few minutes. in this article we show the step by step procedure to uninstall wordpress from cpanel.

Before going to uninstall wordpress, you must want to save your site content and database, It will help you to loosing your data.

Guide to uninstall wordpress from Cpanel

check the below step by step procedure for uninstalling wordpress from cpanel.

  1. Go to your cpanel Account.
  2. Scroll bottom, there will be wordpress icon. select the wordpress icon.
  3. Now you will get the details of installed wordpress versions.
  4. Select the red colour " X " symbol from the right side to uninstall wordpress from the cpanel.
  5. A new pop up will come asking you to confirm the uninstallation of wordpress. select the yes option to uninstall the wordpress from cpanel

How To Uninstall Wordpress from CPanel Video Tutorial

check the below video for to know "how to uninstall wordpress from your website/dubdomain using cpanel".


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