Things Want To know Before Developing Software

Things Want To know Before Developing Software

One of the most interesting aspects of creating and developing software is coming up with new and innovative ideas. But that doesn’t necessarily equate to creating an entirely different piece of software.

Oftentimes, it’s simply a matter of taking something that already exists and making it better. Or expanding on a current program. It’s pretty much the same thing that inventors go through… They recognize that a product is a perfect candidate for improvement. Or, they envision an entirely new product, something that no one else has yet to develop.

That’s how it is with software products. So you need to look around you… Take careful note of what’s already out there and how it works. Take note of what tasks you (or others) frequently perform.

Then ask yourself

  • What software has room for improvement?
  • What software would make life (work) easier?
  • When it comes to “thinking up” software products, it’s most often a case of simply being totally aware of what is taking place right in front of your eyes.

    Is there a webmaster task that you currently perform manually? One that drains a considerable amount of valuable time? Talk to a programmer. They might very well be able to create a software program that can perform the task automatically. Is there a void in a particular marketplace or genre that you feel should be filled? Talk to a programmer. They might very well be able to create that perfect financial or gaming software product.

    For the most part, consumers fall into the following three categories

  • They have a particular problem that needs to be solved.
  • They are looking for something that will make their life easier.
  • They want to be entertained.
  • Overall, you should always be looking for some need or void and then create a software product that can satisfy it. One fulfillment would be to create software that automates or simplifies a particular task involved in marketing. Take the concept of “tag and ping” for example… The moment it become widely known that social bookmarking sites and the various services they provided could be used as effective marketing techniques, the software wheels began to turn.

    In no time at all, various products and programs surfaced

  • utilities that could automate the process of creating links that need to be associated with tags
  • programs that automatically submit mass quantities of URL’s to various bookmarking sites
  • Plug-ins for existing blog software that can enhance or improve various aspects of posting, tagging, and pinging
  • Basically, every time a new marketing technique surfaces, there are software programs that can be created to either automate or enhance the technique.

    If you’re going to create new gaming software, for example, you have to be knowledgeable about what types of programs (and characters) are most popular and what kind of interface and functions the users demand.

    If you’re going to create a new ebook compiler, you need to know exactly what features the people who use that type of software would require. You also need to determine what features they themselves would add to that type of product if they were given the opportunity.

    Without knowing what your target audience wants or requires, you’re just spitting into the wind, hoping you come up with something they want. Don’t guess. Don’t assume. And don’t try to think for someone else. If you’re going to make money selling software, you have to be totally familiar with the people who will be purchasing your products. BEFORE you get in too deep.

    Beyond that, the field of possibilities is wide open. And the number one rule is this… Don’t limit yourself in any way, shape, or form. If you can envision it, a programmer can most likely make it happen.

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