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Check The Latest Features Of Android10 | Android 10 Features

latest android10 features
Google announced last week that the new version of the  Android operating system Android 10. With the advent of Android 10, there are more than fifty new changes in security.


Check the are the key features of the new Android version.

  1. Smart Replay
  2. - The Smart Replay system, which was launched from Replay Can from the Notification tab, will now support various actions. This will make it easier to do the job, including opening a video link directly to YouTube and moving straight from the location link.
  3. Dark Mode
  4. - Dark Mode has been experimenting with Google apps for a long time, reducing eye strain and phone battery usage. On Android 10, the OS can be completely switched to Dark Mode. Dark Mode can be enabled with selected apps.
  5. Gesture Navigation
  6. - Disabled three buttons (Home, Back, and Recent Action), which are an integral part of the Android home screen, can be switched to gesture navigation. Various actions can be done through predefined screen tapes and gestures. This will help to increase the speed of the phone.
  7. Live Caption
  8. - real-time subtitle for low-noise video viewers. Live Caption is a subtitling mechanism that applies not only to videos but also to voice messages and podcasts. This is possible in videos and Audio.
  9. Apps can be shared by sharing location data only Other permits may be issued when needed.
  10. When sharing the location only, you will get a notification that the app is not in full use.
  11. More control over the new Proxy section by using Web activity and app activity to control what information Google collects.
  12. You can also manage ads by using Ad Settings.
  13. Google Play System and Updates
  14. - Major security updates are now available directly from Google on the phone. The company that made the update phone from Google was provided by OAs Update. Android 10 without OS update after it was found to be causing great delay google Play itself provides updates directly.
  15. Notification Control
  16. - More control over notifications only.
  17. Family Link
  18. - Restrict children's phone use
  19. Focus Mode
  20. - Focus Mode is a tool that helps those who want to get out of the ring of apps into a single channel. It is also part of the digital wellbeing. You can choose only annoying apples and put them into Silent, If you exit focus mode, control will go away.

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