How do I make my own stickers on WhatsApp?

Making your own customized WhatsApp sticker

In this article, we are going to look at the steps to making customized WhatsApp sticker. There are so many third-party apps is available for making customized WhatsApp sticker. In this article, we are using a sticker maker to use a customized sticker.


1. Download the app called sticker maker.

2. Now, Open the sticker maker app.

3. Select the option Create a new stickerpack.

4. Fill the sticker pack name and author(your name or anything) field.

5. click on the sticker pack name.

6. click on the try icone.

7. select your photo and draw an outline with your finger to select sticker area and save.

8. Make atleast 4 sticker.

9. After all, Click ADD TO WHATSAPP

Now your sticker pack will available on your whatsapp

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