How Will Hack Google logo

hacked google logo

In this article we are going to hack the google logo with a pubg image.This is a beginners guide for hacking google logo.

How will hack google logo:

STEP 1 :: Open your browser and google
          The first step to hack the google logo you have want to open the browser and open search engine.


STEP 2 :: Find the google logo tag name and id in the browser.

          To find the tag name and id name::
                  1, Right click on the browser and select inspect option or
                      ctrl + shift + i

                 2,  Then press ctrl + shift + c and click on the google   logo icon. Note the tag name and id name.(eg:img#hplogo)
STEP 3:: Select the console in the inspect.
Then type::

  >var logo.document.queryselector("img#hplogo");press enter
 >logo.setAttribute("src","");press enter

typed console
Add caption

Now your logo will change

hacked logo

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