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WhatsApp Business App launched in India

WhatsApp business announced just a few days ago markets in Italy, Mexico, and united states, after finally the app is available in India.

The 'whatsApp' app is mean for people to communicate but 'whatsApp business is a free download app for android users which will make it easier for business connect their customer.

Now the app is only available on the google play store for android users. There is no WhatsApp bussiness on the Apple APP store,that means ios users will have to wait a bit.

The whatsApp service is different from the  whatsApp, which give more important to business.

New features of whatsApp business App

1 Business profile- This will help customers get more information like email, address, website or extra description of the business.

2 Messaging tool- Allow business users to send quick replies.

3 WhatsApp wed- This is the interface of 'whatsApp business' allowing owners to send receive message using desktop.

4 Messaging statistics- This will allow to review simple metrics like the numbers of messages read to see what's working.

The whatsApp app users have full control over the messages they receive, and they have ability to block any numbers in the app.

WhatsApp blog say 'with the available of whatsApp business app,businesses say whatsApp helps them doth communicate with customers and go their business.


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