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Amazon With Advanced Shopping Technology; Amazon go

  Amazon go, No Line, No Checkout- Just Grab And Go

    Amazon opens amazon go supermarket without checkouts to shoppers on Monday. Now days we all are wait in line in supermarket for checkouts, are you tired in the line , don't worry amazon opens amazon go supermarket without checkouts to shoppers.

Amazon go is  a most advanced shopping technology so, people never have  wan't to wait in line

 Amazon says "Amazon shopping technology is made by same technologies used in self driving cars, sensor fusions, and deep learning".

How does its works:

   Amazon calls its as "Just walk technology". In this Just walk technology shoppers wan't to simply use amazon go app to enter the store, then purchase your product you want, and go out. There is no any wait in line. Shortly after amazon will send you receipt and you wan't to pay the bill by amazon account.


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